Thursday, November 20, 2014

Contrasts of Sorts

For the months of November and December Jamie is just giving a  Thursday Poetry Prompt at the beginning of the month. Then for the remaining Thursdays she is giving tools and suggestions to give you more confidence in writing poetry.

The prompt for November is: Movement Toward Hope. We are to come up with two lines at a time where we contrast something that is troubling with something that brings hope. She gives more explanation and how to on her website which you can find HERE. Usually we write the poem on the day of the prompt without worrying about editing too much. This time I started it later and revisited it a few times making changes along the way.

Contrasts of Sorts

(Swiss chard, kale, mustard greens, beets, lettuce, carrots)

Goats with needs were causing grief
Now they're sold I've found relief

On our land there's much to fix
But garden greens, quite a mix                        

Growing older has its fears
God is with me through the years

Homeschool days in six months end
Something new waits round the bend

Words and pictures hard to pair
The result a blog to share.

Clutter seems it's here to stay
But I choose joy anyway.

We'd love for you to join us with these poetry prompts and feel free to share your own poem. Jamie has a link up button on her website to make it easy for you to join.  Be sure to check out her post on A Poet's Basic Tool box and A Poet's Toolbox: Inspiration Edition for some good advice on writing poetry.

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