Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Beautiful Autumn Day

For days I have been wanting to get back outside and wander around my yard taking pictures. It is very relaxing and invigorating for me to do that, but I've let too many other things get in the way. When I looked out the window today and saw how beautiful it was with the blue sky and the fall colors I knew that today I had to be out there. Leaving my chores and duties behind I grabbed my camera phone, put on my cap and my farm boots and went walking. The beauty was too much to keep to myself so I decided to share.

I took these standing in the woods by our house looking up and feeling in awe of the beauty and the greatness.

Here are some of the animals that live here although the beautiful white one will be sold soon.

(our rooster - Cogburn)
I'll leave you with these two taken on my way walking back up the hill.

As I look around at the beauty of creation I am reminded of what a great God we have. He didn't just create us and all this beauty and then disappear. He loves us more than we will ever realize and is full of grace and mercy. I hope as you gaze at these pictures that you will be drawn to the only One who deserves our praise and adoration. May He bless you today.

(my evening view)
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