Monday, October 20, 2014

Of Dogs and Babies

Here's the story I promised last week of what our dog did while we were at the hospital for Sara's birth. On the evening of June 26, 1976, when Steve and my mom arrived home, they were met with quite a bit of destruction, compliments of our dog, Mel, whom they could not find for at least FIVE MINUTES.

He was hiding somewhere in that tiny house of about 600 square feet. 

We thought we had securely contained him in the kitchen, but that was not to be. Being very bored Mel had chewed on whatever he could find, including eating some of the homemade bread. 

Tiring of that he went on to greater things.

Making his way past our little barricade Mel not only piled all the little throw rugs in a heap but also chewed on the couch seat cushions scattering the foam all around the room. Since that was obviously not enough damage, he found our guest book and wedding photo album and pretty much destroyed them.

I'm sure there were other things, but that's all I can remember right now. 

Thankfully, my mother was very understanding, and I'm sure she helped get everything back in order. She also did a great job repairing the couch. I don't have any pictures of the destruction but here is the couch at a later date.

(Sara was probably around 18 months here)

Winter and Summer Memories

During Sara's first winter Steve made a makeshift sled out of a cardboard box and pulled her around in the snow. She loved it!  The hat she is wearing was made by my mother and the scarf was mine when I was a little girl.

We spent the next summer with my parents in Florida so that Steve could finish the Master's program he had started before we moved to New Hampshire.

Tour With Grandpa

Every day Sara looked forward to the time when my dad would get home from work. He would pick her up and they'd go on a tour of the house. Their first stop was the kitchen to show her what Grandma was making for supper. Sometimes she would even get a taste.

One of her favorite things was putting on Grandpa's large headphones and listening to some music. 

The tour with Grandpa was the highlight of her day.

Fall Adventures

Then Fall came and school started again. I was asked by my friend, Sandy, to take care of her twin girls two days a week while she taught physical education at a local school. 

Sandy and her husband, George, were the ones who picked up my mom at the airport on the day of Sara's birth.

We did a lot of things with them, one of which was to visit our favorite restaurant. It was called Parker's Maple Barn and was where I first tasted real maple syrup and blueberry pancakes made with whole wheat flour.

(1977 at Parker's Maple Barn)

Like Having Triplets

The twins were three months younger than Sara, so during that time I got a taste of having triplets! 

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine what it was like at lunchtime. 

With three high chairs lined up I gave them all bites of yogurt one right after the other letting them have some finger food, too.. Then when it was naptime, I changed them one by one on the changing table and put them all to bed.

Things went surprisingly well most of the time, although sometimes I think Sara was a little jealous. 

I became pregnant with my second child during that time, and with my first few weeks of queasiness it was really hard when all three babies had messy diapers. Oh, the smell... 

I was privileged to have some older ladies who took an interest in me which really helped since my mother did not live near. I would sometimes invite one of them over for the day, and they offered to change the diapers. I was blessed to have such loving friends.

Spring and Neighborhood Walks

During the spring when the weather warmed up Sara and I took lots of walks in our little neighborhood. Our dog would always run ahead of us, come back to check on us, then take off again. 

On Easter Sunday, we took a walk when we got home from church. As we walked, Sara kept exclaiming what sounded to me like, "Peewow! Peewow!"  

When we got back home, she leaned over and picked up a flower and said it again while looking at the flower. That's when I realized she was saying, "Pretty flower. Pretty flower."

Come back next week as I reminisce about leaving New Hampshire, moving back to Florida and welcoming our second child into the world.

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