Monday, October 13, 2014

First Home and Birth of a Baby

It was winter in New Hampshire early in the year 1976 when we purchased our first house. After lots of searching, we found one in the town of Amherst, a picturesque New England town complete with village green and white church. The house was just up the road from the town center. All the other houses around us were very large and each had about 2 acres of land. We only had 3/4 of an acre and on that tiny property were lots of trees including 76 white birch. We found out later from neighbors that our tiny house began as one room, and later had other rooms added as they were needed. In fact one of the rooms still had the small red cedar shingles along one wall that had originally been the outside wall. 

(our first house)
Even though we moved in February we were blessed with good weather in the form of a warm spell which had melted most of the snow making it easier to move. That was short lived and the snow came back with a fury, covering our long uphill driveway. One morning while eating breakfast and thinking about having to shovel it in order for Steve to get the car out to go to work, we heard a noise outside. To our surprise, the former owner had come with his snow plow and cleared the driveway! He did it several more times that year. We were so thankful.  

(posing for my dad -guess we've always been homesteaders at heart)

Our first child, Sara, was born in June of that same year. She was very punctual, coming right on her due date, refuting what we had been told about babies never coming on their due dates. The problem is that my mom was in an airplane on her way to the Boston airport which was an hour away from us. We had to call our friends to pick her up, because Steve needed to be with me. They had never met my mother and we couldn't get in touch with her to let her know, because that was before cell phones. They left to meet her armed only with a picture. Eventually they found each other and made it to the hospital.

(Sara was 2 weeks old here)
(Steve holding Sara right after she was born.
The nurses had put a pink ribbon in her hair.)

Because this was my first child, after the doctor checked me he went on to see patients at another hospital. After a little while, we kept telling the nurse that she needed to check me, but she assured us that first babies always take a long time. Finally, I guess she got tired of Steve bugging her so she came to check and was surprised that it was time. She called the doctor and he barely got to the hospital before Sara made her debut.

The maternity ward was not very busy that day, so when my mother arrived they let her come into the labor room with us. Then they let her stand outside the delivery room to hear the first cry of her first grandchild. After taking me to my room, they let her come in so she could hold our beautiful daughter. Nowadays that's not a big deal, but then it was very uncommon to allow anyone besides the father. I wish I had a picture of my mother with Sara, but I was not able to find any. Here is my dad with her when she was about two weeks old.

Shortly before Sara was born we acquired a puppy that was found by friends when they saw him wandering by the highway. Because we didn't know how old he was or where he came from we named him Melchizedek and called him Mel for short. He was quite a character. We couldn't leave him alone, because when we would come home he would have gathered all the little throw rugs from each room and put them in a pile in the living room. Sometimes he chewed on them, but that was usually the extent of the damage. The day Sara was born was another story entirely. Our neighbor had offered to keep him for us, but we didn't really have time to alert her and we thought he'd be fine. 

Little did we know. Come back next Monday to find out what all that puppy did while we were at the hospital.

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