Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Different Kinds of Hope

For Marvia Davidson's RealTalk this week the topic is hope. In an online write-in I attended back in August my friend AbbyNorman, gave us a prompt – a time for mourning and a time for dancing – and she posed the question as to whether the two can exist at the same time. After thinking about and discussing it we came to the conclusion that there could actually be joy in the midst of mourning. I believe the reason for this is hope.

Hope can mean anything from desire to optimism to anticipation or expectancy to a promise that is sure. 

My father left this earth in February of 1992. I mourn the loss of my father. He never got to meet all of his grandchildren or any of his great grandchildren. I miss him but according to the Scriptures I will see him again. He is one of those in the cloud of witnesses we are told about in Hebrews 12.

There is a sure hope knowing that we will one day be reunited, and for that I can rejoice.

He would be so excited to know that I have begun writing more, because he told me once that he wanted to be a writer. He was an avid reader of different genres but also had books on composition and writing. I wish I had taken the time to talk with him about it, to learn more about his dreams, but I can continue my dream and also spend time helping my husband, children and grandchildren find and follow their dreams. He would be pleased to know that so many of his grandchildren also enjoy writing. While we still mourn his loss, this can also be a time of “dancing” as we continue on in our lives knowing it would have given him joy.

There is hope found in knowing how much he loved writing and to see his posterity carry it out.

Writing for me is a way to express myself. There is something about putting the words on a page that is very freeing. I love to be inspired and I love to create. It's hard sometimes to find just the right word, but I enjoy the challenge. I use an online thesaurus which helps to widen my vocabulary. Writing makes me happy. I write to encourage others and myself. When my spirits are down it helps to write something. Oftentimes it is a poem, and when I'm done I'm usually encouraged. One day soon I hope to be able to publish a children's picture book of haiku. After that I would love to have a book of poetry and maybe go on to more children's books. Here is a part of the haiku picture book.

Blooms of pink and red
Sparkling raindrops on green leaves
Beautiful roses!

This illustrates a hope that is filled with desire, optimism and aspiration.

At the beginning of the year I wrote about some things I wanted to accomplish this year. One of those hopes was to meet in person at least five story sisters, fellow writers I had met online. Finally in early September I was able to meet one of them.

Later that month I met two more.

Next month I am planning to meet up with some of them again which will include two more that I have been wanting to meet for awhile but didn't know how or when it could work out. One of those two is Marvia Davidson, who hosts Real Talk. I am very excited!

This illustrates the kind of hope that is filled with expectancy and anticipation.

I have written about different times, different people, different circumstances, but in all there is found hope in one of its many forms. Our lives together can be thought of as combining into one giant book. Every year is a new chapter; every week a new paragraph; every day a new sentence; every hour a new word; every minute a new thought. 

Our thoughts and ideas come first and we expand them into words on a page to form sentences which then become paragraphs which lead to chapters, and finally at the end of life our part of the book is finished. When we invest in the lives of others and they in ours, we can instill hope and encouragement as we continue on this journey of life. 

Hope can be found every day of our lives whether it be a glimmer or a blinding light.

We'd love to have you join us for Real Talk and share your thoughts on hope.

This is Day 28 of my 31 Days of Love, Faith and Creativity. You can find the other posts HERE.

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