Sunday, October 26, 2014

Another Move, Another Baby

In the summer of 1978, when I was five months pregnant with our second child we moved from New Hampshire back to Jacksonville, Florida. My younger brother and his friend came up to help us. As we didn't have much furniture we decided to use a large U-Haul trailer, pulled by our old Chevy Suburban which had no air conditioning. My brother's car did, so Sara and I rode in it the whole time while the guys took turns driving the other. It was pretty uneventful except for the fact that I think the Suburban overheated at least once during the 24 hour drive. We broke up the trip by spending a night with Steve's sister in New Jersey. Upon arriving in Jacksonville we moved in with my parents until our daughter, Jamie, was born.

It was hard to find a doctor at first that we could afford. Compared to the low cost in New Hampshire, Florida was out of sight. We finally found an older doctor who still charged a low fee, so we chose him. He was one of the best I have ever had. Even though Jacksonville was a bigger city than Amherst, NH, where Sara was born, they were not really as advanced in their system of labor and delivery. It was a pretty quick birth like my first, but unlike the first they didn't take me right to my room. They insisted I go to recovery first. My doctor told them I didn't need any recovery, but they said it was hospital policy. The funny thing is, though, that their recovery room was being remodeled so I had to lie there in the hall so I could be monitored. Talk about a way NOT to get rest. At least I was able to leave the hospital the next day after less than 24 hours there.

(I think she was 3 months here.)
Bringing Jamie home from the hospital was greatly anticipated by my relatives who lived near so there was quite a lineup when we arrived back home. As we walked in the front door we were greeted by my parents, my brother, my grandmother, my cousin and little 2 year old Sara. With everyone exclaiming over the new baby, Sara was just overwhelmed and began crying. Immediately Steve scooped her up and the four of us went to our room, closed the door and had special family time.

Jamie was not as easy going as her older sister had been as a baby and she didn't like to sleep. What I could always count on was the swing. She loved it and would usually drop off to sleep pretty quickly. When she was six weeks old she got very sick. It was pretty scary for awhile. Imagine having your 6-week old baby go limp in your arms because of congestion and high fever. To top it off our pediatrician was out of town. The doctor on call recommended a combination of aspirin and Tylenol which is what finally helped to break the fever, and she began to improve.

(Christmas of 1978)
When Jamie was about 2 months old, right after Christmas, we moved into a rental house near the high school I had attended. Our neighborhood had a long block with a sidewalk so I would get out every day to take a walk pushing Jamie in a stroller with Sara riding her tricycle. We enjoyed those times of being outdoors. I thought it would be fun to put a blanket outside in the yard so that we could sit an have a picnic, but that was short lived. The first time I tried it I noticed lots of sand fleas hopping around so we had to forego having outside picnics.

There were lots of happy times in that house despite the problems we had there. The girls loved when I played the piano. Jamie loved being close to Sara.

One day there was a bad storm. The drains in the road were blocked with leaves and pine needles so the water started to rise. First it came into the closed-in carport where we had stored things like my school yearbooks and some pictures which were destroyed by the water. Sara had fun riding her tricycle in circles in the ankle deep water. Later the water rose so high that when a truck went down the road it made waves and forced some of the water into our living room. It also eventually came in the back door of the house, too. I remember calling the company we rented from and telling them about the flood asking them to come check it out, but they never came. 

When it came time for us to leave, the company was not going to refund our deposit telling us that the house smelled bad because of our dog. Well, our dog was not even in the house except for that extra room. The smell was from when the carpet got wet during the flooding. I wrote a letter explaining all the problems we had there from a roach infestation to a broken gate and the flood, and they finally agreed to give back our deposit.

After leaving that house we spent a month in St. Petersburg, in a house belonging to Steve's sister and was right behind his parents. While there Steve had a phone interview and accepted a teaching job at a boarding school in South Dakota. So we went back to the home of my parents to pack up and get ready to move again. 

(my dad with Jamie)
While there we celebrated Sara's birthday.

(Sara playing with one of her presents while Jamie looked on)
We also went to Disneyworld.

(Steve, me and my mom with Sara and Jamie in front)

This is Day 27 in my 31 Days of Love, Faith and Creativity.

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