Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Touch of Love

Today is the day for Jamie's poetry prompt. We are thinking about things we can do even when we are tired that might seem small but can make big differences in our lives. Her prompt is: I could... or (I can...) To find out more about it you can go to her website where you will find helps to write your poem.

A Touch of Love                                           
I could keep a vase of flowers
sitting out within our sight
I could light a scented candle
an aroma to delight

I could serve some homemade chai tea
to warm us with its spices
I could make a chocolate sheet cake
with big ginormous slices

I could call a friend who's hurting
to provide a listening ear
I could speak with words of kindness
Never harsh tones causing fear

I could smile instead of frowning
Bringing cheer for those I see                                          
I could say words of thanksgiving
Let complaining never be

I could put on happy music
to replenish us with mirth
I could compliment another
Helping them to see their worth

I could pray each day for guidance
To help me in this quest
I could linger on the porch swing
Taking time for daily rest

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