Saturday, September 6, 2014

Visiting My Grandparents

In a Story Sessions Write-In our prompt was: Write about a person or a place and focus on the scent.

Visiting my grandparents in Mississippi as a child brings back lots of memories. Granny always prepared a feast for us. She had a china cabinet with a glass door and shelves on the top and a drawer underneath. Inside there were usually several different desserts, one of which was a pound cake. The delicious, buttery sweet smell that exuded from the cabinet when the door was open was strong and permeated our nostrils. I think opening the cabinet just to smell the deliciousness was one of the first things we loved to do on arrival.

Every morning we'd wake up to bacon sizzling in the pan sending out fingers of aroma to waken us from sleep. There were always eggs and biscuits and toppings to complete the breakfast. I can't forget the coffee and how my parents talked about how very strong it was.

For dinners Granny served foods from her garden. They had a very small backyard, but it was full of fresh veggies. She made the best creamed corn I have ever tasted, scraping the corn off the cob and using her special recipe. Her sliced tomatoes were so red and juicy. Everything was fantastic.

It was always a treat going there because we only did it once a year as they lived about ten hours away from us. Their interaction with each other was lovely to watch. They always held hands when sitting and did their work together as they cleaned house and cooked. Granddaddy would always tease Granny and then she'd say, “I'm gonna whip you,” and they'd both laugh. My grandfather lived to be 90 and my grandmother lived a few more years to the age of 98.

(Mayme Pearl and Garland Letcher McAdams on their 50th anniversary)

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