Thursday, September 18, 2014

Grateful for What?

Once again I am joining up with Jamie Bagley for her Poetry Prompt Thursday. This time it's about unusual gratitude. We'd love to have anyone join us. It's fun even if you don't consider yourself a poet. She gives lots of helps to get you started so your poem practically writes itself!

I am grateful for J-Rock music in the kitchen
even when it gets a bit loud, because it
means my boys are doing dishes.

I am grateful for overgrown weeds in my yard,
because they showed me beautiful flowers
I never knew were there.

I am grateful for having to give my goats shots
of penicillin despite my fear of doing it wrong,
because it showed me that I am capable.

I am grateful for the chaos on my desk,
because it shows that I have a place
to create art and found poetry.

I am grateful for tears that come
when someone I love is hurt,
because it shows that I care.

I am grateful for unwelcome changes,
because often they are just what I need
to spur me on to better things.

I am grateful most of all that God allows these things because He knows what is best for me. He doesn't just leave me on my own but is there all the time. He is faithful and I can go to Him in prayer for anything that is on my heart. 

(photo by Gayl Wright)
Here's the link to Jamie's blog again in case you want to join in.

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