Friday, September 12, 2014

Finding My Voice

At a Write In on a Thursday evening in an online group, we were given a couple of prompts. One was to share how you found your voice. The other was a quote about silences that were unnatural. I wrote practically the same thing for each one using many words going into details from childhood until now. 

Elora Ramirez, who led the write in challenged me to come up with a poem from what I was processing as I wrote. I took the challenge and wrote it as a dialogue between me and my voice.

(photo by Gayl Wright)

Why, hello Voice.
Where did you come from?
You've been trapped?
For how long?

Oh, years and years.
But surely you're wrong!
You've been here.
I've used you.

Oh, yes, that's true,
But only sometimes,
When you spoke
Without fear.

I used to be
with you all the time.
You spoke much
As a child.

But then things changed.
You were insecure.
You had fear.
They might laugh.

But I did speak!
I hurt some people
with my words.
You were gone.

I was there when
you prayed with others,
when you taught
your children.

You left again
when we were churchless.
I was there
But unheard.

You needed me,
But you did not know.
I was trapped
Deep inside.

**She came to you
Asking you to write
A story
From God's Word.

To write as if
You were living then.
Be a part.

Yes, yes, that's right.
I remember now.
I did it.
She liked it!

You took a class,
Joined a writing group,
Wrote poetry,
Launched your blog.

You have found me.
You took some chances.
You wrote words.
Your voice counts.

Yes, I found you,
My very own voice.
No more chains.
You are free.

**That story can be found HERE.

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