Friday, September 26, 2014


It's Five Minute Friday time again. A bunch of us write for five minutes on the given topic without worrying about editing or getting it just right. Then we always make sure to comment on the one who linked up just before us. Today's word is "because." To learn more about how it works you can go HERE. It's fun to try and to see what others come up with. We'd love to have you join!


“Why do you play with that toy?'


“Because why?”

“I don't know, just because.”

And so it could go on and on. I don't remember any specific people saying those words, but I remember hearing words similar quite often as a child listening to others and maybe even I did the same thing.

Now it seems very nonsensical. Because used all alone is not really an answer. It doesn't really mean anything.

Maybe sometimes we don't know the real reason we do some things. In this case because could be a hard word, because we just can't explain it.

Other times we know without a doubt why we do things and we can answer with a definite because, and give the reason.

Because my daughters have children, I am now a grandmother. Because my mother gave birth to me, I am a daughter myself. Because I married my husband, I am a wife.

Because God loved me, I am a child of His.


(I have a little confession to make. I did do a little editing because in one place I spelled because like this: becuase. LOL  It's just the editor in me. I can't stand to see a word spelled wrong in my writing.)

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