Friday, August 1, 2014

Tomorrow is a New Day

The word "begin" has a happy connotation to me. I think of all the new beginnings that each day brings. When the day has been long and I am tired or if it hasn't gone well or if I didn't get things finished, it's okay. Tomorrow is a brand new day giving me another chance to finish or to start something new.

Resting through the night can help erase the feeling of just not being good enough or not having time and feeling like we've failed. Many times it's our tiredness that causes those feelings.

Wake up to a new day every morning. Let the joy of beginning put a song in your heart!


Linking up with Five Minute Friday again. The word "begin" is the prompt for this week. The rules are simple. Set your timer and write for five minutes whatever comes to mind not worrying about editing. Then comment on the one who linked before you.

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