Friday, August 22, 2014

So Many Locks

(I'm bringing this from the archives to add to Letetia Mullenix's Motivate and Rejuvenate Monday linkup because I think it goes somewhat with the theme of her post.)

(photo prompt from a story sessions write in)
So many locks
large ones, small ones,
some rusty.
A scarlet ribbon
tied around a blue lock
weaving through the wires
fastens at the other end to what?

What do they mean?
They don't seem to be
doing much,
just hooked onto what
looks like a bed spring.

Could they be locks
symbolizing doors
to my heart
waiting for the keys
to open each part?

My heart is deep,
many layered.
Could the band
threaded here and there
prove there is no way in,
circling round and round?
Is it so deep that no one can see?

No! Keys are found.
Locks will open to
reveal each
layer until the
last one is in reach.

The final key
thrust into the lock,
frees thoughts, dreams
once hidden away.
"It's too soon!" I scream.

But my voice fades.
My knees are weak.
Who will come
catch me as I fall?
Jesus Christ, my Saviour.
He's the only one
I can always trust to hold me up.

This poem was written in response to the above photo which was used as a prompt in a write in with Story Sessions earlier this month. I have since spent time revising it so this is my final version. (I think)

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