Tuesday, August 26, 2014

One of My Dreams

This week for Real Talk Tuesday Marvia gave some questions to ponder: "What is the deepest whisper stirring in your soul? What is calling you to dream again?" As I pondered the questions I realized that I had lots of dreams, one of which is to make a children's book using some of my nature photos and some haiku that I wrote to go along with them. I was thinking maybe board books would be good. So, today for Real Talk Tuesday I will show you some previews of the project.

The format is not definite yet. I might put the photos on one page and have the haiku on the next page opposite the picture. Another idea is to put the poem under the picture on each page like this tree below.

Tall, stately she stands,

Branches like arms full of leaves,

Pointing to the sky.

Now you've seen my ideas. What is your vote?  Which style do you like best? Feel free to leave suggestions for me in the comments section. I'm excited about possibilities and having fun in the process.

What about you? Do you have any dreams deep inside you waiting to come out? What is holding you back? There is room for everyone so let's all take time to pursue some dreams!  Join us at:


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