Monday, August 25, 2014

My Muse, My God, My Dreams

Nature is my muse
Wild as lightning bolts
Noisy as thunderclaps
Gentle as softly falling rain
Caressing purple violets
Leaving tiny droplets
Sparkling in the sun

Chasing my wild muse
Hard as uphill climbs
Heading into the woods
Capturing oddities with lens
Simple as walks in sunshine
Absorbing the beauty
Thrilling my senses

God who formed my muse
Wild and wonderful
Unrivaled in strength and grace
Tender, full of mercy
Caring for the weak
Maker of beauty
Creating shapes and textures
Colors and tints galore
All for us to see

Chasing my wild God
A lifetime mission
Communing with Him daily
Asking the hard questions
Reading my Bible
Falling on my knees
Pleading for answers and help
Delighting in beauty
Thanking Him for life

God gave me my dreams
Wild, incredible
Dreams of photography
Published poems and children's stories
My home as an oasis
Where weary souls may come
Seeking peace and rest

Chasing my wild dreams
Working, creating
Writing, photographing
Interweaving words and pictures
Turning sod, clearing clutter
Forming lovely gardens
Making cozy nooks

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