Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Home

In my 40 Days of Blogging collective we have been given prompts for blog posts, but I have gotten a little behind. Today I'm choosing prompt number 28 - "Gratitude for the home." The prompt is to write a love letter or an ode to your home.

Near the Carolina foothills
Stands a house made out of logs.
Front porch views bring on chills.
Back brings forest scenes.

In spring of 1998,
Our family brought our goods
Into this lovely house,
Fragrant like the woods.

It's been my home these fifteen years
Holding memories so tight,
of laughter, and of tears.
What if walls could speak?

Sharing our home with friends in need.
Welcoming foreign students,
Celebrating birthdays,
giving compliments.

Toasty warm from wood stove heating
Shelter from the cold and rain.
Playing games and eating,
Happy times with friends.

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