Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What I Love...

This is the second day of my 40 Days of Blogging Collective. Today the prompt is: What I love... [about writing, about life, about myself, etc.] I chose to write some things I love about writing and life.

What I love about writing....

Writing gives me a beautiful outlet for creativity. When things inspire me I love to write about them. When I write in my journal it relaxes me and becomes a way to release all the happenings of the day and record them for future remembrance.

I love the freedom writing gives me to express myself whether it be a simple haiku, a longer story poem, or even my attempts at short stories. I actually love the process of finding the right words to say and pictures to complement the words when I am working on a blog post. Speaking of blogging, I've found that it is something I am growing to love more and more. It is opening doors to meet other people and to encourage others in the process. God has blessed me so much through some of the comments left on blog posts.

Float across the sky
Snowy white, soft grey, thick black
Always changing shape.
Saying what I love about writing wouldn't be complete without mentioning my story sisters. Story Sessions is an online community of women writers from various backgrounds, beliefs, likes, dislikes, passions, you name it, but all have a love of writing. Some have published books and articles in magazines and elsewhere. We are diverse, but love each other fiercely, being ready to support whenever a sister is in need of encouragement, and that is what makes it so beautiful. We are always happy to welcome new story sisters. I love this wonderful group of women.

What I love about life...

I love being alive! Granted some days are more enjoyable than others, but I am really thankful for the life God has given me.

I grew up in a family where I never had to question whether or not I was loved. Even with occasional disagreements that came as I grew from childhood to adulthood there was an underlying current of unconditional love. My parents loved me and my two brothers and we loved them.

When I think back over my life so far, I see that God was and is always watching over me. Even when we have had some very hard things like car accidents, death of my father, my husband not always getting paid on time, unemployment, several miscarriages, physical limitations, and more, God has always provided strength and grace to take us through. He has proven His love over and over.

My life here in rural upstate South Carolina is full and I am very blessed. I love the area where we live, the church we are now a part of, the friends I meet for breakfast or lunch occasionally, the fresh air, the woods, the time I have for writing, taking pictures, sharing with others. Most of all I love my precious family. Scattered though we may be geographically, we are close in each other's hearts and trust we always will be.

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