Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Writings and Connections

Today is Day 3 in my 40 Days of Blogging, which is a collective offered by Story Sessions. The prompt is multiple choice this time. We can write about "My writing helps me connect... or My writing helps me disconnect... or Both, in some way." We were also given an option of using this picture as a prompt.

(photo credit Jamie Bagley)
My writing helps me connect to other people when I share on my blog or facebook. It gives me a chance to tell others what I am thinking or doing. Another way my writing can connect me to other people is by good old fashioned snail mail. In this high tech world it's really fun to send handwritten letters or cards to friends, family and acquaintances, and also fun to receive them.

Writing also connects me to new information when I want to get more details about something to share on a blog post. Two examples would be when I researched poppies for this post and the Lady's Slipper flower for this one. It is fun to learn new facts to pass along to others.

Sometimes when inspired while reading the Bible or praying, my writing helps connect me to God. When I reflect on what He has done for me and in my life, my heart overflows with praise and thanksgiving to Him and it comes out in my writing like this post titled "A Heart Full of Praise" or this one which could even become a song if I found someone who would like to compose a tune.

My writing also helps me to disconnect from all the noise and clamor of the goings on each day. When I walk or sit outside and observe the beauty of the different cloud formations, a Monarch butterfly alighting on the driveway, a fragrant red rose, the trees, even things so mundane as a simple homemade wooden gate, I am inspired to write poetry or record my thoughts in a journal.

Oftentimes I will sit on the porch swing with my journal, listening to the song of the wood thrush, or the melodic chimes and the words just seem to flow through my fingertips as I put the pen to the paper. This type of writing is a good kind of disconnect providing relaxation and refreshment for my soul.

There are many types of connections in our lives. If we take a flight somewhere, there are usually connections to make with other flights, and sometimes it means running from one end of the airport to the other with little time to spare. We have many types of connections with food, some good, some bad, depending on how that food makes us feel after eating it. And there are connections like those of legos that aren't always very good. How frustrating to spend time building something and then have it break apart as you try to move it from one place to another because the connection didn't hold. 

We have connections with people every day of our lives whether it is with those with whom we live, work with, meet for lunch, interact with as we are checking out at the grocery store, or connecting online or on the phone. Let's make our connections as meaningful as we possibly can, knowing that we each are unique and made in the image of God.

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