Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Our Quest for the Waterfall

We took a little trip this afternoon, my husband and me, my son Robert and our French guest, Mathis. Steve had found a place called Twin Falls on Google maps. According to the map it looked like a fairly short drive to a little road which my husband thought was called Twin Falls Rd. On the map it looked like the falls were right beside the road. Looks can be deceiving. I was a little reluctant, because we had set off one time before looking for a waterfall and never found it. It was getting later in the afternoon and I knew I would have to get supper ready soon after getting home, so I made a few more excuses. Steve really wanted me to come and even washed up the dishes before we left, so I figured I should go.

We followed what we remembered from the map but made what we thought was a wrong turn. When we went a short distance and the road came to an intersection, there was no sign about a waterfall so we ended up turning around and getting to the road we were looking for. After going a short distance we passed the intersection where the other road was and saw that it would have been a little bit of a short cut, but we didn't know. 

Back on track we continued until we got to the point where Twin Falls Rd. should be but it was called Waterfalls Rd. A little unsure we turned anyway and down further there was a green sign with a white arrow on it pointing to the left, so we followed it, still wondering if we were really going to see any waterfalls. I wish I had remembered to take some pictures of the signs along the way.

We traveled on a little farther until we came to a place where the paved road ended. To the left was what looked like a parking area with one car there.  We took a chance and parked there,too. Straight ahead was a dirt road that continued on. It had a large sign at the beginning  that had rules telling us among other things, not to climb on rocks, but there was nothing about any waterfalls. We decided to start walking up the dirt road hoping we would find them. At least we were having fun exploring. I took some pictures as we began our walk.

We heard water running and came to a point alongside us where there was a stream with some tiny little falls and some interesting rocks. We veered off the road to look and take some pictures. Then it was back to the dirt road where we kept walking, but still no waterfall. It did seem that the noise of water grew louder, so we kept walking ahead seeing more of the little stream. We were climbing somewhat so we thought there must still be a possibility of finding the falls. 


Finally the dirt road became a path which narrowed to maybe 3 feet wide and continued uphill with a little bit of winding. There was a bit of a drop off on one side and a dirt wall on the other. I wish I had taken a picture of it. After walking this way a bit we came to a wooden walkway with a railing that led up to a small wooden pavilion with seats built into the sides. We figured it was somewhere between 1/2 mile to a mile that we had walked to get to that place. 

(Mathis, Steve and Robert)
Directly across from the pavilion were the Twin Falls. It was worth the wait and the short climb. 

(Mathis at the bottom)
(top of the waterfall)

Isn't it beautiful? And to think I almost didn't go!

Today's theme in my 40 Days of Blogging is "Pursuing your dreams," and we focus on battling resistance, because resistance can keep us from following our dreams. The prompt is: "It is hard to be true to my dreams because...

I think this little story illustrates how we can miss things when we let resistance block us from pursuing our dreams. I wanted to see the waterfalls, but resistance showed up with excuses. I could have listened and talked myself out of going on that little trip this afternoon. I would have missed out on a fun adventure, not to mention seeing the beautiful waterfalls. Turns out it only took us 20 minutes to drive to the place and then less than a mile to walk on a pretty easy path into the forest to find the waterfall. What if I had listened to the words of resistance? 

The same applies to almost anything we want or need to do. It's so easy to believe the lies that say we cant do it and let excuses keep us from even starting sometimes, but let's battle resistance and not let it get a foothold. Who knows what waterfalls and other treasures we may find!

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