Friday, July 11, 2014

My Unique Voice

Today is Day 12 in 40 Days of Blogging, a collective I am participating in sponsored by Story Sessions. The theme for today is "Using Your Own Voice," and the prompt is a set of questions I chose to answer in an interview type format.

What can I never stop writing about?

I can never stop writing about God, the Creator of the world, who also made me in His image with the ability to create in my own finite way. He is the One who loves me, who has forgiven all my sin, and is the one who cares for all creation. He has given me a love for people, a desire to write, to photograph things, to share His love with all those who cross my path. I want everyone to know Him.

(artwork by Abby Norman)

What is one thing I keep coming back to? 

I'm always drawn to the sights and sounds of nature, and I want to encourage others to look at the things all around them with eyes that see and notice details like the colors of flowers, the intricate designs of spiderwebs, the varying patterns of butterfly wings, and water droplets sparkling in the sun.  I want to encourage people to listen to the myriad bird songs, the sound of the cricket and cicada, and the rustling of leaves as the wind wanders through them.


What is my message? 

It would be to encourage everyone to take time for some solitude outdoors. Look at the different cloud formations and the vastness of the sky. Let the beauty of nature inspire you and point you to the Creator who is full of mercy and grace to help with all of our needs. The more I go about each day and let the busyness crowd out my time outdoors, feeling rushed and frustrated by all the clutter around me and all the work that needs doing, I realize how important it is to make myself take some quiet time outside. Being outdoors refreshes me and helps me to have a better attitude when I tackle the work inside. 


And how will I deliver it?

I will continue to write poetry as I am inspired by what God has created. Using my camera I will continue to take photographs of what I find in nature, sometimes overlaying them with poetry or inspiring quotes. Using my blog I will also continue to share little snippets of my life showing the many ways God cares for me.


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