Friday, July 18, 2014

Flowers - Some of My Favorite Things

Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker's Five Minute Friday today and the prompt is the word "bloom."

When I think of the word "bloom" my mind automatically thinks about flowers. There are so many varieties of flowers in the world. God has quite an imagination! We have several kinds of wild flowers just on our property, and that is nothing compared to the myriad of blooms all over the world.

Yellow flowers are some of my favorites - the giant sunflowers, the bright daffodils, yellow roses. Even dandelions have pretty yellow blooms. 

A close second are the reds - a lovely rose, the large amarylis blooms, bright red tulips, poppies.

Flowers are some of my favorite things!

If you'd like to join in and write your own Five Minute Friday post you can get all the details HERE.  If you don't have a blog you can share yours in the comments section of Lisa Jo's blog.

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