Friday, July 4, 2014

Three Quotes to Inspire

Day 5 in my 40 Days of Blogging has the theme: Motivation. The prompt is to choose a favorite quote and tell why and how it spoke to us and how it has helped in our purpose or motivation to write or blog.

My only problem is that I found three quotes that have spurred me on in my writing and other creative outlets. The first two are from Edith Schaeffer, a person who has inspired me through her books. I think I've read almost every one she has written, devouring some of them more than once. Recently I was reading again through The Hidden Art of Homemaking and came across many quotable things, but two things really spoke to me and have been encouraging in my creative process.

The following quote means so much to me, because I am reminded that since I am made in God's image I have the ability to create, and not only that, it is something I was made to do. We all are able to create in some way no matter how small or unimportant it may be to some people. Edith helps us to see that creativity is not wasting time, it is doing something that is very pleasing to God. Pursuing creativity is one thing He created us to do, and I believe it can be an act of worship. As Eric Liddle, in the movie "Chariots of Fire" said that when he runs he feels God's pleasure, I would venture to say that when I write what is on my heart, I feel that God is pleased. That is great motivation for me.

Earlier this year I took the Reframing Collective in Story Sessions led by Jennifer Upton. Jennifer was encouraging us to take time each day for noticing beauty in ordinary and seemingly mundane things we might overlook if we did not consciously seek them out. I find a lot of inspiration in nature, so every day I took the time to slow down, walk around outside looking for the beauty and taking pictures. It was one evening as I was sitting in bed reading that I found the following quote which really resonated with me. It is from the same book I referenced earlier. The more time I spend outdoors in nature, the more this quote is brought home to me. The inspiration from being out in nature calls for a response from me which often comes out in a poem or other writing.

The final quote I want to share is from my daughter, Sara Harding. You can find her blogging about permaculture at When I was working on my poem called A Fairy Tale, I was having trouble with a few stanzas. They just weren't coming together like I wanted them to and I had been working so much on them. She gave me some suggestions which helped and then to encourage me she said something I thought was so beautiful. Here it is on a picture of my water bottle that I took during the reframing collective.

All of these quotes have been an inspiration to me to keep moving on this journey of discovering creativity.

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