Monday, July 14, 2014

Alone With Two Little Girls Part 2: More Problems

This is a continuation of the story I started last Monday as part of a prompt in 40 Days of Blogging. You can find Part 1 here.  The prompt for this week has to do with the word "brave" and I believe this story shows how I had to be brave in the face of circumstances at that time in my life.

(photo credit Jamie Bagley)

From last week:

To make a long story short, Steve had to have surgery on that finger and was put in isolation at the hospital. I had to put on a gown and gloves to go see him. The doctor told me that if we had not brought Steve to him that day, he probably would not have lasted through the night. That was a very sobering thought. He had to stay in the hospital for a whole week, and I was left alone with two little girls in a house that was really not ready to be lived in.

But that was not all that happened that day...

You can imagine how tired I was physically and emotionally by the time I got the girls home and in bed.

I first called Steve's parents to let them know what had happened. When his dad answered he didn't even know who I was at first. It took a few minutes to make him understand. Then I called my parents, and because of my dad's job they weren't able to come up and help us, which was very discouraging. Both sets of parents lived in Florida, so they couldn't just hop in the car and come on over.

I then proceeded to get ready for bed when the toilet upstairs overflowed and dripped down into the kitchen.

When I finally got that cleaned up I was ready to drop into bed, exhausted. Things couldn't be any worse, or could they? I got my answer when I went to check on the girls.

Jamie had gotten sick, thrown up all over her bed and was sleeping in it.

I cleaned her up and put a towel on one side of my bed for her to sleep on in case it happened again. I don't remember much about how I felt because I was so busy taking care of things.

It was a pretty scary situation being alone with the girls while Steve was hospitalized.

I probably did some crying that night feeling pretty alone there in that house with all it's problems, my husband in the hospital, my parents not being able to come, and a sick child. I finally was able to get some sleep.

By the next day Sara got sick, too. 

Then the inevitable happened. I got sick, so there was at least one day I couldn't go visit my husband. Thankfully it was just a 24 hour stomach bug, but I wondered why it had to hit us at this particular time.

(Me and the girls shortly before we moved)

You are probably wondering how in the world Steve got blood poisoning at all. 

He had been working with some pipes in the house, and since the house was very old the pipes were joined together with lead. His finger had a cut on it and we figured some of the lead must have gotten in through that cut.

Things were not all bad, though. 

We had such kind church friends who came to help me do some things at the house, and others took care of the girls so I could go visit Steve. During the daytime our friends were very helpful, and I appreciated it so much, but then the nights would come and I was alone again being the only adult.

That's not all that happened. Come back next week for the conclusion.

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