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Alone With Two Little Girls (Conclusion)

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From last week:
By the next day Sara got sick, too. Then the inevitable happened. I got sick, so there was at least one day I couldn't go visit my husband. Thankfully it was just a 24 hour stomach bug, but I wondered why it had to hit us at this particular time.

Things were not all bad, though. We had such kind church friends who came to help me do some things at the house, and others took care of the girls so I could go visit Steve. During the daytime our friends were very helpful, and I appreciated it so much, but then the nights would come and I was alone again being the only adult.

But this is still not all that happened that week...

One day my friends took the girls to the Turtle Back Zoo and Jamie got lost. She was always excitedly running ahead of everyone, and somehow she got out of their sight. What I found out later was that she wanted to find the turtle. She figured there should be one since that was the name of the zoo.

When the adults didn't respond as she kept asking about it, she took matters into her own hands and decided to look for the turtle herself. She didn't have a lot of hair but she did have a particular curl that seemed to settle right in the middle, so when my friend started asking people if they had seen her she described her as Trixie on the comic strip “Family Circus.” (I don't know if you remember that, but Trixie was the youngest child and had one curl on top of her head.)  

I asked Jamie what she remembered about that time and here is what she said,

 I went and asked an old man who looked really nice like a grandpa if he could help me find my way. I remember taking his hand and the next thing I remember is waiting in a little office area with off-white/yellow walls. I remember concrete, a black railing fence, and someone with a balloon which I envied. I remember it from my vantage point as a child. All things were up. Above my head.

Either later that day or another day that week while playing at friend's house, Jamie had to be taken to the emergency room to be checked out, but she was okay.

(Jamie, a few months later)

Another time that week after visiting Steve, I was in the hospital elevator getting ready to go to my car in the parking garage. I had taken my keys out of my purse so as to have them ready. Then I noticed out of the corner of my eye that two guys in the elevator with me were sort of pointing at me and talking. That made me a little nervous. 

Since I had a bad feeling about what their intentions were, I put my keys back into my purse and went to visit the hospital gift store. I stayed in there quite awhile hoping I would not see them again. It was a very nervous young mama who finally went to the car. Thankfully, no one was around and I made it home safely.

The toilet continued to overflow off and on that week. When the sewer backed up in the basement, too, the girls and I went back to stay at our friend's house until Steve was better. The problems with the sewer continued after that.

(What we found out much later was that the city had damaged the sewer pipe when they dug things up to put in a storm sewer. Since the pipe was broken, all of our sewage was just draining into the ground. It was not discovered at the time, because the lady that lived there didn't use as much water as a family with a washing machine would use. The problems with that and getting the city to pay for the damage is another story entirely.)

As you can see, that was a very hard week for me. Throughout it all God sustained me by giving strength, by showing kindness through my church friends, and even though it was hard He provided for all my needs. Time passed.

We fixed up the house to be a lovely place to live, including putting up wood siding and replacing all the windows. Steve also built some backyard playground equipment. Most of the neighborhood children loved to play in our yard.  

(swing and added porch)

(Jamie and Sara enjoying the slide)
Two more daughters were born to us during our years in Plainfield, New Jersey. All in all, even after such a rough start we had many happy years in that home and many memories to cherish.

{(Evangeline) Grace at 7 months old}

(Marianne loved to help with dishes)

Today's theme for 40 Days of Blogging, has to do with the home. The prompt is "What is one thing you love about your home?"

While not specifically answering the question in the story, what I can say is that I loved the wood used inside and out. That goes for our present home also, which is a log house. When we have been away for awhile leaving the house closed up, it always greets us with this wonderful wood smell as we enter. It's one of my favorite things!

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