Monday, June 30, 2014

Ten Things About Me

I am taking a collective offered in the Story Sessions Community hosted by my very own daughter, Jamie Bagley! The title is “40 Days of Blogging” so we will be attempting to blog every day for 40 days. Jamie will be giving us prompts every day and this first one is to sort of break the ice and help those of us in the collective to get to know each other better.

1. If I have an interesting book I can be “lost” for hours reading it. I remember one time I was so engrossed
in my reading that I didn't realize my two younger daughters were busy painting not just on paper but also the little table easel they were using. They had covered it with red paint. I had no idea until I was done with the book which took about 2 hours. At least they didn't mess up the walls.

2.  I love to play the piano, my favorite thing being taking the hymnbook and just playing, arranging as I go determined by what I am feeling at the time.  I am most inspired when I play for a church service, because when I hear the people sing, it really moves me and I let my fingers take over.

3.  My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

4.  I love to walk around outside just before a storm as the sky darkens and the wind picks up blowing across my face.  I did that just yesterday, staying out picking blueberries until the rain finally came.

5.  I love to work in my art journal.  Recently I've been making collages out of pictures from magazines. In this one I included some older pictures of Steve and me.

6. I enjoyed writing poetry occasionally in my younger days, but did not realize how much I enjoyed it until I took part in the 40 Days of Poetry that started in Dec., 2013, as a part of Story Sessions. Now I write some kind of poetry almost every week.

7. I love photographing clouds, trees, flowers, really all kinds of things found in nature. Sometimes I overlay them with poetry or quotes.

8. I love to watch musicals, old and new.

9. I have loved children ever since I can remember. Back when I was 12 years old, all the younger children at church used to follow me around because I would take time with them. I am really enjoying being a mother and a grandmother.

10. I enjoy playing video games like Mario Party and Phantasy Star with my sons.

Now you've heard 10 random things about me. When I first got the prompt from Jamie, I wasn't sure what I would write, but it wasn't as hard as thought it would be. What about you? Any fun facts you'd like us to know?

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