Friday, May 30, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Nothing

It's Friday again and time for the link up with Lisa-Jo Baker's Five Minute Friday.

Nothing. So many times there is nothing we can do. We have to just wait.  Last week and then again this week we took my mom for cataract surgery, the right eye last week and the left eye this week.  This morning she went for the checkup to make sure everything was doing well.  On all these occasions a lot of waiting is involved and there is nothing you can do to change that.

But wait.  There is nothing I can do?  Well, maybe I can't change how long things take but I can take charge of my attitude and what I do with my waiting time.  Nothing can make the waiting time go away, but I decided to read using the kindle app. on my phone.   Last week I read a good bit of the book DIVERGENT and found that it made the time seem to go faster, because I was caught up in the story.

Yesterday, I spent time talking on the phone with a daughter that I had not talked to in awhile, so that also helped the time pass.

So even though the time did not really go faster, it was not true that there was nothing I could do.

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