Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Reclaimed Brilliance, Part 2

You can find Part 1 of this story HERE. In that post I mentioned that changes were coming. I believe the reclaiming began with this next step in my life.

My youngest son and I went to stay with a daughter for over two months. She was having a difficult pregnancy because of heart problems which landed her in the hospital. You can find her story HERE. Her husband was having to take off work a lot and take the children to where others could care for them during the day and part of the evening. When we realized the seriousness of her situation my husband and I decided that I should go stay with them for as long as they needed me. Since my youngest son was 14 at the time and homeschooled we decided he should come also. 

In some ways it was a difficult time. It was the first time my husband and I had been apart for that long of a time. He did come to visit after a month’s time. Without going into a lot of details about the separation of my son and I from the rest of the family at home I’ll just say that there were mixed emotions. We missed the family back home but we treasured the time with my daughter and family who lived so far from us. (All the experiences we had would make another story.) It was wintertime so there was a lot of snow on the ground.

my granddaughter and me
Now you’re probably wondering what all this has to do with “Reclaimed Brilliance.”

While I was away at my daughter’s I had lots of time to think and ponder and rest. To be sure I was busy every day, but in the evenings I was pretty free. Also my son helped with the kids during the day, and their father was there at night. I wanted to journal my time there so my daughter gave me a blank Narnia journal that she had not used. I also wanted more creativity. Being interested in sketching, I ordered the workbook for Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, and began the lessons in the book on my own. At the same time I read about the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, and knew I needed to get it. It was a life changer. At the back of the journal I began recording things I was thankful for each day. I would do this in the evening while sitting in bed. 

Do you see that more glimmers of creativity were coming back?

Clutter had also been nagging at me for a long time, so when I found the book Organized Simplicity, I bought it and read it thinking it would help me prepare for clearing out clutter when I got back home. Now things did not suddenly fall into place. I did not instantly stop complaining. I did not always look for things to be thankful about. When we returned home we did make some progress on clutter. I made an effort to keep recording things to be thankful for, but slowly the excitement faded. We are still working on the clutter issue.

There were lots of things to deal with including my mother having surgery, pneumonia and other problems and we almost lost her. Thankfully, God saw fit to bring her back to a measure of health and she is still doing well at age 91.

We had a small garden but wanted to expand our vision for our homestead. One of our daughters gave us chickens for Christmas in 2012. My husband exercised his creativity by building a portable chicken tractor. We also decided to get a couple of dairy goats the following spring so we could have milk. My husband, other family members and friends helped build a small barn. Here I was, a 60 year old grandmother milking goats. I was actually stepping out and trying new things.

Now the sparks of creativity were becoming small flames.

(You can read the conclusion HERE)

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