Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Reclaimed Brilliance, Conclusion

This is the conclusion of my post about "Reclaimed Brilliance" which was a prompt in a Story Sessions Write In. You can read Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.

A few months later, my daughter asked me to write something for her empathy series she was hosting on her blog. People were rewriting stories from the Bible as if they were one of the people there. My first reaction was negative as I thought to myself, “How could I possibly do that?” I had never done anything like it before, but the idea seemed to stick with me. I began to wonder what I could write about. When I did decide, it did not take long to do the actual writing. My daughter thought it was very good! I was kind of surprised.You can find that story on my daughter's blog, Ava Anomaly.

A year earlier people were telling me I should start a blog, but I had no idea how to do it or what I would even use it for.  I thought maybe I could document our getting chickens and goats and the progress that was being made throughout the process, but that sort of fizzled out. Doing the guest post for my daughter helped to boost my confidence a little and I began thinking again about starting a blog.

With help and encouragement from my daughter I did start this blog and participated in Five Minute Friday for the first time on the very same day! I also signed up for the winter session of Story 101. Then in the month of December Story Sessions was running a special so I joined before I even took the class. I jumped right into the 40 Days of Poetry they had started on December 1, and my love for poetry and art was rekindled. 

my first attempt at artful found poetry
December was also the first time I participated in a Write In with Story Sessions and I actually surprised myself by writing a poem during that time. I posted it recently HERE. Every prompt and every write in that I participated in brought more confidence and more reclaiming of a love of writing creatively. During the same time my oldest son and I joined a local writer's group which has been very helpful. I actually entered a flash fiction contest at short notice.

I feel like I have gotten out of my rut and have found new ways to express myself through writing, art, photography and more. The flame is burning brightly now.

dogwood blossom from my front yard

When I began writing from this prompt I was thinking mostly about the reclaiming of my creative writing skills, but as I have looked back over the years of my life, I see writing is not all that has been reclaimed. There is so much more.  This is what I have discovered:

"Reclaimed Brilliance" means that I am becoming more of the person God has created me to be, someone who creates in many areas because I am created in the image of the Master Creator.

And I hope I will continue to reclaim, to grow, to be ever spreading my wings to pursue all that God is calling me to be, to bring creativity into every area of life, to bring joy and beauty to others and ultimately praise to God who gives me strength and grace to persevere.

To God be the glory!

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