Friday, April 25, 2014


Finally, I'm back joining in with Five Minute Friday again.  You can go HERE to see how we do it and read what others have written.  Basically you write for five minutes on the topic given without worrying about editing. Just set a timer for five minutes and write

 Being a friend means a lot of things
A friend always loves
A friend doesn't judge
A friend let's you be yourself
A friend is sensitive,
A friend gives you the push you need,
A friend cares always
A friend is kind
A friend is faithful
A friend is encouraging
A friend is there when you need someone
A friend is careful
A friend gives sacrificially
A friend babysits to give you a break
A friend listens and doesn't interrupt
A friend is a gift 

These are my best friends, my children and my husband.

These are long time friends of mine sharing a meal together

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