Monday, April 7, 2014

A Fairy Tale

Darkness is deep.
I lie awake in bed.
The world sleeps.
Quietness reigns,
Broken only by
Melodic chimes.

What beautiful music
Comes with the breeze,
Stirring my heart.
I slowly arise,
Open my shutters
And see a surprise.

A dazzling, blinding light!
Before my squinting eyes,
Unfolds a fantastic sight.
A crack in the sky.
A portal to another world?
A hand reaches out....

I shiver, stepping back.
The palm opens wide
Beckoning me to come.
Do I dare?
What if I never return?
What if I die?

My strong curiosity
Rebukes my fear.
Reaching up I
Clasp the hand,
And find myself
In a ravishing land.

A shining castle, Dawnstar by name.
Shimmering fountains surrounded by
Gorgeous gardens with color aflame,
Yellow daffodils, red roses, purple violets...
Jeweled pathways glittering in the sun.
Such breathtaking magnificence!

My heart is pounding fast.
I must know where I am.
Who has brought me here?
Is this real or just a sham?
Filled with wonder I turn and see
The prince of this glorious realm.

Suddenly my nightgown becomes
An exquisitely embroidered dress,
White and sparkling with diamonds.
Cascading softly down to my toes.
As I gasp at this stunning beauty,
The Prince kneels and gives me a rose.

He leads me into a banquet hall.
Where a splendid feast is laid.
Mouthwatering fare enough for all
The guests assembling there.
He then asks me to be his bride.
I am speechless but nod a yes.

Our home shall be the castle
Named for the morning star,
 Whose rays break through the dawn,
Promising joy and peace.
Happiness and love prevail,
And time will never cease.

The first five stanzas of this were written during a Story Sessions Write In.  I have since edited them and added the rest, making this my first fairy tale poem.

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