Friday, March 21, 2014

Who are You to God?

This is taken from something I wrote at our last class meeting of Story 101.  Our prompt was a group of questions: "What truths is He saying over you right now? About you? About your future? About your purpose? Who are you to God?"

I had not planned to share this as a blog post, but something I read on facebook today from my dear story sister, Jennifer, seemed to speak to me and I thought that others might benefit from my thoughts.  This was written about myself as I pondered those questions, but any one of you could say the same thing to yourself. (And if you are a guy reading this, just insert the word son and man in place of daughter and woman.) You are loved and I hope this is an encouragement to you.

I am a beloved daughter who dwells safely in His hands. I am created in the image of God who enables me to create in my own finite way.

My future is an open book – I can choose to bask in God's love and look to Him for guidance and wisdom. This will help me to reach for my goals. He will give me strength and grace to meet anything that comes into my path - good or bad.

My ultimate purpose is to glorify God.This is done by my thoughts, words, actions, how I treat others, by obedience to God rather than man, and by praising and thanking Him every day for His goodness, mercy and love, and by taking time to notice the beauty all around me.

(photo courtesy of Jennifer Upton)

I am a woman, beloved by God. He has a place that only I can fill because I am unique. There is no one else like me. I don't need to try to be like anyone else. I need to be Me.

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