Thursday, March 13, 2014

Looking Up

This is a poem I wrote back in December based on a prompt given during the 40 Days of Poetry we had as a part of Story Sessions.

Look Up, What do you See?

Looking slightly up I see

a mountain dulcimer

hanging on the wall

gathering dust.

I want to learn to play it.

A perpetual calendar 

made of wood

hanging on the left

made by a family member.

Will I ever keep it current?

Looking up higher

the ceiling in view is

also the upstairs floor,

thick, wide slats of knotted wood

nailed to wooden beams.

Hanging in the center 

is a brown ceiling fan,

blades with woven inserts

and flower shaped lights
but is hardly ever used.

This is what I see  

while sitting in my bed,

knowing I am very blessed,

waiting expectantly for

the next page in my life.

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