Thursday, February 20, 2014


This blog has been silent for over three weeks, so I thought maybe it was about time to do another post. My time has been spent in writing poetry, reading, art journaling, and various family activities, so I'll just give a glimpse into some of the things that have been occupying my time starting with a couple of poems, the first of which is really a prayer.

Wide open eyes to see more beauty,
Slowing myself throughout the day,    
giving closer attention 
to everything around me
especially the people I love.          

Grace to be more thankful
to voice my thanks daily,
learning to give thanks 
even in the midst of 
the chaos of clutter,
family bickering, 
hard times,
scary times. 

And when I fail,
to have courage to run to God
who is good and full of mercy,
knowing that with confession 
there is always forgiveness.

And here is another. It kind of describes how I've been expanding my vision of art, writing and just plain living:

I am waiting for                           
a burst of sunshine
to expand my view
of who I am and
what I can do.

I am longing for
a cool drop of water
in a desert land
that wets my desire
to create something grand.

I am ready for
a garden bed of soil
to plant seeds of dreams
then watch them take root
growing up to extremes.

My daughter, Grace, and her family recently lost their longtime pet dog, Daisy, and I created this artful found poem especially for her as she mourned the loss.

When my granddaughter, Kaitlin, gave me a picture she created I told her that it might even inspire me to write a poem about it. So I did and here is the result of our combined efforts:

We obtained another goat by the name of Kenya.  She is pregnant so we will have one or two new additions in either late April or early May. At present we have two other goats who are being milked, but we have chosen to put off breeding them until the fall.  They are giving us just over a quart of milk between them each day.   That amount will go up when Kenya gives birth.
Kenya is the one in front. Ava is behind her.

At our house we are rearranging and changing rooms around so that Stephen now has his own room where he will not have to climb the stairs as often.  Alan and Robert have moved into the smaller upstairs room, which is still a good size, and Steve and I are back in the large master bedroom with the walk in closet.   I have been wanting to get rid of clutter for so long, and it seems like we needed a big change like this to get everyone involved.   We still have a ways to go but are making some good progress.  I'm excited about my new work station by the window in my bedroom. 

Most recently my sons finally talked me into making a character and playing Phantasy Star with them.  For those of you not familiar with this, it's an RPG (role playing game) which we are playing on the Wii.  For so long I put them off thinking I could never learn it and it would take up too much time.  I figured that the Mario Party games were enough for me.   But they were persistent and have been so patient with this 61 year old grandmother.  They don't seem to mind at all taking time to show me each new thing and help me learn it.  I guess they really wanted me to play it with them :)

I really do need to brag on my boys a little, because they are really helpful and kind, and enjoy doing things with me.  This past Sunday I was really tired and didn't think I could make it to church.  The boys really wanted me to come, so they did all they could to make it easy for me to get ready, including milking the goats.  Since it had been several weeks since the whole family had been able to go to church, it was very nice to do it together again.

Soon my husband and I will be taking our (what is becoming annual) trip to Florida for a week to spend time on the beach with his brother and sisters and their spouses.  I'm really looking forward to having this very welcome vacation.  Did I tell you our sons are the best? They will be taking care of the animals and keeping things going here at home.

Now I leave you with a verse that is the desire of my heart to remember to do each day.

On the glorious splendor of thy majesty,
And on thy wonderful works,
I will meditate.
Psalm 145:5