Friday, January 10, 2014

What Do We See?

I'm finally back with Five Minute Friday and this week's word is "see."   We just write for five minutes whatever comes to mind and in whatever form.   If you'd like to join in there's still time.  You'll find all the details HERE.

What does it mean to really see?

Do we look at someone and really see them?
Or do we often look right past?

Do we look people in the eye while they speak to us
Or are our minds miles away?

When we look out the window what do we really see?

Do we stop long enough in our busy world
To observe a blade of grass?

To really see a flower in all its glorious parts?
To notice how the sun makes the dew on the spider webs sparkle?

May God give us eyes to see
the world that He has made,

to look for blessings in the smallest things,
as well as in the magnificent.

To be fully engaged in all that we do
and make each moment count.

To see others with the love
That truly comes from above.


  1. Yep, trying to learn that one this year. Love your words. Thanks for sharing.


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