Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Things I Love

I love living in a log house on a hill.
I love sitting in a rocking chair on the porch.
I love walking in the woods on our land.

I love hearing the bird songs tickling my ears.
I love cozying warm by the fire drinking hot cocoa.
I love eating pizza made by my son.
I love having fresh eggs from our chickens.

I love Merlot and Reisling.
I love dark chocolate any time.
I love getting milk from my goats.

I love having a big, white fluffy dog,
I love listening to my sons playing violin, cello and guitar.
I love having my whole family together – 26 of us!
I love drinking tea with my sons while reading aloud.

I love hearing my daughters sing together.
I love singing in a choir with my husband and sons.
I love worshiping God in our Anglican church.
I love reading the Bible together as a family.

I love praying at close of day thanking God for his gifts.


  1. Dear Gayl, I love this list! It made me feel closer to you to read the ones that we have in common...goats, Riesling, and sitting on the porch, especially! And your home is BEAUTIFUL. I sure hope I get to visit someday!

    1. Thanks, Trina! It was a fun post to do. And we'd love to have you and your family visit any time :)


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