Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dreams and Distractions

I have dreams,
all sorts of dreams,
thoughtful dreams,
carefree dreams,
fulfilled dreams,
unfulfilled dreams,
hard dreams,
easy dreams.

I have duties,
duties to God,
duties to my husband,
duties to my sons,
duties to my daughters,
duties to my grandchildren,
duties to my mother,
duties to my friends.

I have distractions,
all sorts of distractions,
needful distractions,
mindless distractions,
unwanted distractions,
noteworthy distractions,
painful distractions,
enjoyable distractions.

There is time,
time for dreams,
time for duties,
time for distractions,
time for love,
time for worship,
time for relaxing,
time for memories.

How does it all fit in?
How do I make room?
How do I decide what to do?

Maybe the distractions are sometimes sent from God.

Maybe some of the distractions are not distractions at all.

Maybe we need wisdom to know what our priorities should be.

Maybe we should welcome the distractions and learn to be thankful for them.

Maybe sometimes they can teach us how to love, help us understand, and even bring us joy.

Maybe, if we can accept the distractions, learn from them, forgive ourselves when we react wrongly,

Maybe, just maybe, we can realize our dreams in ways we never thought could happen.

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