Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Friend Poetry

I have just joined the 40 Days of Poetry group that Jamie has been participating in since the beginning of December. Today's prompt was: "write a poem about your love affair with poetry. When did you two meet? What was it like? "    So this is my attempt to respond to the prompt.

Oh Poetry, oh Poetry,
When did we first meet?
Was it on my mother’s knee
As she taught me how to read?

Was it in my first grade class
Or second, third, or fourth
That we became the best of friends
And stayed together more and more?

Remember when I worked so hard
To memorize and recite
That poem of many stanzas
That brought us such delight?

Oh, Poetry, dear Poetry,
We had good times together
Over Tennyson and the Brownings
And so very many more,

Reading poems to my children,
To the girls and then the boys,
From funny, silly limericks
To longer epic poems.

Remember how I thought and thought
Of just the right words to say
When I wrote the special poetry
On Mother’s and Father’s Days?

Oh Poetry, sweet Poetry,
Even when I forgot you
You were there behind the scenes
Waiting patiently for my return.

It seems I have discovered anew
My love for the poetic word.
You have welcomed me back
With open arms to the place where I belong.

Now we can make more memories
As we read and write together.
And our lives will be made better,
In bringing joy to many others.

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