Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Stillness is Beautiful

The #wholemama theme for the Dec. 8, 2015 linkup is the the word still. I'm pulling this piece out of the archives to share with you today.  I pray that God will give us grace for the times of stillness, that we may find Him during times of peace and times of distress.

(photography by Gayl Wright)

Is beautiful
Time for quietness
Peace, rest

Is hard
Much too quiet
Sorrow, loneliness

Is beautiful
Time for reflection
Hope, Joy

Is hard
Much soul searching
Layers peeling

Is beautiful
Look to God
Be grateful

May you all find times of stillness today to quiet your hearts as you focus on God and look to Him for grace and peace. May He give you strength and a sense of His presence for whatever you have to face today in your life.

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